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Julian Keyz, a Chicago native, has all the right ingredients to be the entertainment industry’s next big thing.  The multi-talented entertainer is a musician, producer, singer/songwriter, dancer, actor, philanthropist and entrepreneur who undoubtedly possess the necessary 3c's (creativity, consistency and commitment) required to take his brand to new heights. 

The Birth
As early as age eight, it was evident that Julian had a gift for entertainment which found itself leading into an art of expression. Music was the catalyst. Inspired by the late great legend, Tupac Shakur, Julian idolized the realness and fearlessness by which personified PAC. Julian wasted no time as he responded by embracing the piano and shortly thereafter, dance and vocal lessons were added to the arsenal. By age 11, Julian was chosen as one of the original “Bulls Kidz” dancers, performing in the United Center in audiences of over 20,000 Chicago Bulls fans for three consecutive sold-out seasons. It wasn’t long after the local press dubbed Julian as a “Real Showman”. As his command of the piano matured, Julian gained the moniker of “Keyz”, a name which Julian quickly adapted.

As a result of the buzz and attention Julian Keyz had accumulated in the Chicago area, it wasn’t long before he was offered his own weekly show which was circulated at local McDonald’s establishment. From his performances and local competition winnings, Julian was contacted by world-renowned talent coordinator Jane Jackson Harley of the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York. Julian’s performance at the legendary Apollo was a tribute which included songs from Dave Brubeck, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, the Jackson Five and James Brown. His performance wowed the New York audience and within six months he went on to become a three-time Amateur Night winner, gaining the prestigious title of “Super Top Dog.” By age 14, Julian was tapped as the only performer invited to entertain supporters for presidential candidate Barack Obama at a voters rally in Illinois.

Four years later in 2013, he was again invited to be a part of the political celebration with the re-election of President Obama. This time around, however, he found himself in Washington D.C. and performed as a featured artist at one of the Official Inaugural Balls. As the momentum grew, so did Julian’s passion for producing and composing music. Julian began to reach out and collaborate with producers and music executives in Chicago, Los Angeles, and the new music mecca Atlanta. Not only was Julian becoming recognized as a producer, but his knowledge and skills as an all-around composer was gaining recognition by heavyweights in the entertainment arena. By age 15, Julian was invited to join the SESAC family as a songwriter and publisher, and in 2013, SESAC recognized him and featured him in its’ Spring Edition as one of its’ “Here and Now” upcoming artist. In the article SESAC noted that sending out a positive message with [Julian’s] music is just as important as doing the same with his life.

With newfound success, Julian found himself not only making more personal appearances but also performing and speaking at many venues which included community centers and schools throughout Boston, Chicago, and the Los Angeles area. His infectious positivity and the promotion of love and acceptance has made Julian Keyz the go-to performer in the times that we live. From singing the national anthem at charitable events such as the “McDonald’s McLegend’s” Celebrity Basketball charity event to speaking to hundreds of at-risk teenagers, Julian’s magnetic spirit enlightens and enriches the lives of those in his presence.

In late 2011, Julian along with his mother and three younger brothers made the move from Chicago to Los Angeles. The move marked a major turning point in his career. While continuing to establish a work presence in the hectic entertainment district, Julian found many opening act gigs which opened the doors of opportunity. One of which was for the Artist for Peace “Never Again” Peace concert at the Gibson Theatre which featured Stevie Wonder, Eric Benet and Chaka Khan. In addition, he appeared in numerous music videos, such as the “My Girl Remix” with teen sensations Mindless Behavior, Ciara, Tyga and Lil Twist. Julian capped off 2011 by appearing on the Christmas special of Nickelodeon’s “Victorious” TV series.

Julian grew frustrated with the politics and dismay from failed major label opportunities and failed business representative relationships. In 2012, Julian established InNo Entertainment as his own venture. To further enhance his entrepreneur spirit and gain more in-depth knowledge of the inner-workings of the industry, Julian enrolled at Pierce College in Los Angeles. Julian’s college experiences would play an integral role in the motivation of which would become the first musical body of work on InNo Entertainment entitled “College Tales.” Julian is currently finishing his Bachelors of Science degree in Marketing at California State University, Northridge. In 2015, he created two subsidiary companies of InNo Entertainment. Lessons By InNo, LLC is the music school that provides in-home music services to aspiring students. Carte By InNo, LLC is the digital marketing/branding arm of the InNo brand. Both LBI and CBI provide job opportunities and resources to college students pursuing to advance in the arts.

Undoubtedly, music literally saved Julian Keyz. Having personally experienced pain, triumph, setback and success, he strives to be the voice of his generation. For the past decade, he has continued to win over the hearts and respect of people from all over the world and continues to build a solid foundation for a promising career in the entertainment industry. Not only is he recognized for his abundance of talents, his trademark also includes his infectious personality, infamous million-dollar smile and catalogue of motivational speeches drowned with an overdose of encouraging words. To listen to Julian’s music and to see him perform live the audience can easily identify his musical influences which include Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince, Jamie Foxx and a host of entertainers from the Harlem Renaissance era. On the other hand, when conducting business with Julian, be prepared to be met with the mentality and finesse of his business influences which include Jay Z, Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs.

Did You Know?
At age 15, Julian would find himself having another life-changing experience that would eventually direct his next passion. While playing basketball near his grandmother’s home in the south suburbs of Chicago, Julian was involved in a confrontation with some of the local residents that resulted in a group assault on Julian. The injuries left him hospitalized for 24 hours and he would be on bed rest for an entire week. Feeling embarrassed and enraged, Julian has said he inquired about purchasing a gun for revenge and would have if it weren’t for his mother getting him a psychiatrist appointment and urging his mentors speak with him. His mother told him to turn “the negative into a positive”. He would go on that same month to start the non-profit Keyz To L.Y.F.E, Inc. to address the issues of youth violence.

Keyz To L.Y.F.E mission seeks to encourage and mentor the development of self-pride and accountability by providing opportunities for young men and women to engage in reflective dialogue, interacting with positive role models and understanding charitable responsibility. He is eager to share his personal life story with his peers while promoting the ideology that one person can make a change and that change begins with self. He started working with a local Boys and Girls Club located in Ford Heights, Illinois and spoke at several local elementary and junior high schools for Career Day. As a philanthropist, Julian has donated his services and resources to numerous causes and consistently spreads his message of charitable responsibility while offering his support to several fundraisers and charity events throughout Los Angeles and Chicago.

Welcome to Keyz World.

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